Making a CAPSULE Toiletry Kit

I love to pack! I think I say that a lot. But one thing that I have difficulty with is deciding what toiletries I need to bring. Like, why do girls have so much stuff to put on their bodies!! 

Eventually, I got tired of standing in my bathroom and trying to decide if I need to bring 3 different types of hair products. So I decided to pack a toiletry capsule kit, just like I do with my actual wardrobe. 

So I broke it down by morning, shower, makeup, and night time routines. You can also break it down by face, hair, body if that makes it easier for you. I made a list of the things I use for each of these routines, and then tried to purchase all of my regular day to day products in travel size form.  I also went and purchased some leak proof containers for items I didn’t buy in travel size. My favorites so far are these shampoo and conditioner bottles, cute little spill proof jars, and this travel toiletry bag

Once I have my toiletries packed, I keep the bag in my bathroom cabinet always ready to go. When I leave for a trip I just grab it and throw it in my suitcase. And when I return from a trip, I go over what I have and make a list of what needs to be replaced. I go ahead and purchase all my replacements at the store and restock. That way my bag is always ready for the next trip, and I don’t have to worry about running around before my trip buying travel sizes. 

Do you guys have problems with deciding what toiletries to bring with you or is that just me? What can you not leave home without?

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