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When I go home, I normally am craving my mother’s classic summer recipes…fried squash, blueberry pie, chicken and dumplings, soft shell crabs…you know the usual. My Mom Mom (what us Delawarians call our grandmother) used to make these crab melts for lunch sometimes with crab meat on an English muffin toasted with cheese…its was so good. Oh, and Strawberry pie…she made the best strawberry pie. But I also start craving my favorite food stops the minute I hit the beach.

Here are the go to places that are always on the list.

Local Fenwick Stops…
Grab and Go Taco– The BEST tacos! I ate here everyday. I’m not kidding you. They have this stuff called “Green Crack” which is an avocado based sauce they use on all their tacos that is incredible. Get the shrimp or steak tacos. Those are my favs. 
High Stakes– These cheesesteaks are definitely the best in town. Great little bar and grill on Route 54 as you make your way into Fenwick.  
Harpoon Hannah’s– Really great high end Seafood restaurant. Fabulous coconut muffins they give you before you get your meal. Turns more into a really loud bar and club late into the evenings.
Catch 54– Beautifully minimalistic Fish house right on the bay side. Great for a romantic meal out.
Fenwick Crabhouse– can never go wrong with a really good all you can eat crab feast. It s a necessity on the Eastern Shore.
Nantucket’s– On the higher end of the seafood restaurants but so worth it.
Fisher’s Popcorn – Carmel corn that is still a little warm and gooey. Its the most glorious. They also ship all over the US and are carried in select retail stores on the east coast.
Warren’s Station– My one and only summer as a waitress was at this family owned establishment. ( I was a horrible waitress) But the food is definitely not horrible. Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. You can even go up to the carry out window and get a really good crab cake sandwich to take back out on the beach.
Crab Cake Factory – There are 2 locations, one in Ocean City, MD and the other on Rt 54 in Fenwick. Exceptional Crab cakes and seafood. Not to be missed. 
Candy Kitchen– A quintessential beach favorite, with locations in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. Get any kind of candy, fudge, or salt water taffy you can think of, and if that isn’t sweet enough top it off with some delicious ice cream. It’s a real hit with the kids.

Just a town over…

Nick’s Original House of Ribs– At certain points of the evening, when the breeze hits it just right you can smell the ribs being cooked, and I swear its one of the most amazing smells in the world especially when mixed with the salty ocean air…its perfection. Oh, and the ribs taste pretty good too.
Sunset Grill – This has to be the #1 place people recommend to me for a date night out. The food and atmosphere makes it a great spot for a romantic night out. 
Thrasher’s French Fries– If you head farther into Ocean City, MD you can head to the inlet and the first stop should be Thrasher’s. your next stop after that? The Alaska Stand, but we will get to that in a minute.  French fries, doused with vinegar and old bay. Or just plain on their own with Ketchup. Either way this place is an institution and the best!
Alaska Stand– After you have gotten the fries, go a little farther down the boardwalk for a really good cheeseburger. You can’t get much more american than that!
Grotto Pizza– Best pizza ever! With locations all over the Eastern Shore. Its something about their sauce and the crust…oh my word. You can even take home a frozen pizza to cook later. So so good you guys.
Fractured Prune– This little donut chain has been featured on Food Network and the Today Show. Choose from a large list of specialty donuts or you can even make up your own creation if you want to. But be prepared to pay in cash, they don’t except credit cards.

Just be prepared for your waistline to expand if you hit any of these places, us Delaware folk don’t really believe in the whole diet thing!


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