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With each itinerary I plan for my clients, I try to add in something fun, different and memorable for them to experience. Being a photographer’s daughter, I was raised with a camera everywhere we went. The amount of candids I have of our family is kind of insane. But I am so thankful for a father who believes in caputring people’s memories, and it has really influenced how I plan trips for my clients.

I say it over and over again, experiences over things and having something to show to friends and family so they can experience your trip through you is such a special thing. Its why I love Flytographer. If you haven’t heard of them, they have photographers all over the world that travelers can hire to capture their trip. Whether it is a family vacation, honeymoon, solo trip or even a fun destination proposal, the staff at Flytographer are on hand to make sure you have beautiful pictures to last a lifetime.

I knew for my trip to London, it would be a perfect time to work with them for a solo shoot. If you haven’t figured it out by now, London is deep in my bones and spirit and I wanted to have photos to capture my time there.

The process is fairly simple. You or your travel advisor (hint, hint) fill out their online questionaire with preferred dates and times, style fo photos you want, special occastions and how long you want to the shoot to last. The team at Flytographer will match you with a photographer that fits what you are looking for and your time frame. Once you have booked a time and paid the fee, you will be connected with your photographer to set up a meeting place and go over any final details. The day of your shoot, you arrive 15 minutes before hand to meet your photographer talk through any details and start the shoot.

I have a bit of experience with someone taking my picture, (thanks dad), so it was probably more comfortable for me than it maybe for most people. The keys are to relax and just have fun. Ask your photographer lots of questions, get to know them as you are walking around taking pictures and enjoy the process. Even if you have people looking at you like you are a weirdo.

For my shoot, I had the wonderful Jimmy Cheng. He made me feel so comfortable, had really great energy and was super fun to work with. We shot for an hour around St. Paul’s and Tate Modern and thankfully had some great weather to enjoy. I received the photos less than a week after the shoot and they were great. Thank you so much to the team at Flytographer for making it happen!

I was so happy with the whole experience and will continue to offer their services as part of my client itineraries. If you are interested in booking a shoot with Flytographer, the Constant Wayfarer is happy to set one up for clients. You can also find more information from their website.


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