A long overdue announcement…

 I'm obiviously imagining warm beaches when its like -5 outside. Happy Winter!

I’m obiviously imagining warm beaches when its like -5 outside. Happy Winter!

Happy New Year Friends!! (Can you still say Happy New Year when you are one week into it? What is the cut off for the Happy New Year greeting?) Anyway, I have been so blessed in 2017 to have some sweet wonderful clients who have let me plan their day to day itinerary for their trips. But today, I am really excited to announce that I have signed on as an Independent Contractor with Montrose Travel!

Montrose is a top travel agency that works along with Virtuoso to partner with the best of the best travel suppliers in the world. I am now operating as a full service Travel agency (or would I like to call Travel Curator.) I can now book everything from flights, to hotels/resorts, to cars to cruises and everything in between and have access to some of the best travel suppliers in the business. I still will be offering full service day to day travel itinerary planning and packing services, as this is what I am the most passionate about and brings me the greatest joy. 

I signed on with Montrose back in October, and have been training and learning the ins and outs of what having them as my host agency will look like before I made the announcement, but am so excited to share this with you all today!

I am so grateful to the clients I have gotten this past year, and look forward to helping many more travelers curate amazing experiences that are unique to them and contribute to their memories and stories. If you are curious about what a Travel Curator actually does or would like to get started dreaming up your next vacation please sign up for email updates on the latest that The Constant Wayfarer has to offer. (I promise I will only send you the really important travel deals you need to know, and not spam your inbox a million times!)

I have some fun things in the works for 2018 so stay tuned, but I am so excited about this new phase for The Constant Wayfarer!


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