And the Oscar goes to…

For the past 4 years, I have been beyond blessed to be given a small part of Oscar Sunday. 

Its the best day of the year, and each year I am amazed that I get to do this. I posted a lot of shots in my Insta Stories of some of the Celebrity highlights, but thought I would post more on here. 

This year I got to help bus all the fans onto the bleachers to experience a celebrity packed, exhilarating day (aka the best day of their lives). It is such a different experience than watching the carpet on TV (and a lot more fun!). All 750 fans were bused to the red carpet in the morning, and I had such a blast getting them as hyped as possible while on the way there. 

Here is a look at the day and all the celeb action on the red carpet, and yes I did yell at famous people and act like a crazy fangirl for 3 hours. You can’t do that in real life when you see a celebrity out in the wild, but you most certainly can when you are surrounded by 750 fans who are also loosing their minds screaming at Nicole Kidman. 


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