Virtuoso Travel Week

Those of you who follow me on Instagram may have seen that a few weeks ago I was in Las Vegas to attend Virtuoso Travel week. I have been describing it as a combo of speed dating, travel shopping and fashion week but it really is so much more than that.

First off, what is Virtuoso? Virtuoso is a travel consortia of the best travel suppliers in the world. That means the best airlines, cruise lines, hotels and destination management companies (DMCs) around the world. As an advisor, I have a partnership with them through Virtuoso. This means my clients have access to the best in the business and I can connect with these suppliers to provide exceptional service. This also includes extra amenities and upgrades that you can not find on the internet.

people at the Virtuoso Travel Week

Virtuoso Travel Week

Virtuoso hosts travel week for over 6,000 travel industry professionals. It is held each August in Las Vegas and it is a whirlwind of networking, meetings and cocktail parties. It is fun, exhausting and helps me elevate my client experience.

Throughout the week, you be at a table with two other travel advisors. In the morning you have 60 four minute meetings. Yes, four minutes! Each travel supplier comes around to your table and gives you a 4 minute rundown of their services. When the time is up, they go on to the next table and someone else comes around to do the same. In the afternoon, it is a similar set up but with ten minutes instead of four. It really is an amazing chance to learn about what is available to my clients all around the world.

This year I learned about properties and experiences in Israel, Italy, Patagonia, Africa, New Zealand, Barbados and Peru just to name a few. When I say it is like a shopping trip, I really mean it. Prior to flying to Las Vegas, I asked my current clients and Instagram followers to let me know where they wanted to go next so that I could be on the lookout for them. I went into the week with a list of destinations I wanted to learn more about and came home with so many ideas to make those adventures happen for my clients.

You can read more about what this year’s travel week with this great article over on Skift. I’d love to put all I learned to use and curate an amazing travel experience for you. Contact the Constant Wayfarer today to start!


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