What to Pack | edit + style edition

You all know I love to talk about what I pack to go on my trips. There are several posts on this blog with pictures from what I have packed over the years. At one point I even thought about offering packing services, but let’s be honest I love planning trips a whole lot more than I do packing for them.

What to Pack | edit + style edition

I was beyond excited when I discovered a local business here in Charlotte, called edit + style. The team of Cathy and Kristen have created an amazing company that has helped women (and men) shop their closets and be styled for vacations, weddings, photoshoots etc. They will even do a seasonal edit for clients, where they will go through your closet before a season and style outfits to give you options through out.

Their getaway package is really what caught my eye and what made me want to work with them. They will style up to 10 outfits for your trip. All you have to do is send them an itinerary and give them 2 hours in your home to go through your closet. Considering one of the questions I get from clients all the time is “what should I pack?” It was a no brainer to partner with them and suggest their services to my clients. If you are already a client, you have already received info about this amazing company in my pdf that I send out 8 weeks prior to your trip.

I knew that I would need helping getting ready for Virtuoso Travel week (you can read all about that here). Travel week is its own little fashion week, with everyone on their A game to look their best. It is a week filled with meetings and cocktail parties and multiple outfit changes each day. For a girl that normally wears jeans and a t-shirt to work, I needed some help.

How does edit + style work?

Cathy and Kristen were on it. A few days before they came to my house, they sent me a questionnaire to get all my trip details. They arrived at my house and we briefly went over everything that I would need for my trip. I had everything in my closet ready for them and accessories laid out so they could see what I had and then they went to work. For 2 hours, they went through and created outfits for each event. Taking pictures of each one, making notes and setting things aside. They even took pictures of all the shoes, jewelry and accessories I would need to pack so nothing would be left out.

After a few days they sent me a pdf with everything I would need including styling suggestions and some alternatives in case something didn’t work out. It was so helpful to look through and even refer back to as I was gone. You can scroll through to check out some of the looks they styled for me.

I would absolutely use their services again and can not stop raving about them.
For more information head over to edit + style.

Thanks Cathy and Kristen!


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