How to plan travel for 2021

Since March of 2020 when the pandemic started raging and all of our lives became uprooted, so many have asked me “When can we travel again? Will I always have to wear a mask? Where can we go?”

I have wished for a crystal ball to be able to make any sort of accurate prediction into what travel will look like now. The honest answer is I have no idea. There are things I am hopeful for, but I learned last year not to make any predictions.

So what can we do? Where can we go? And how do we get there? The logistics of planning travel (especially internationally) during this time is probably the number one reason you should be using a travel advisor.

Its our job to know where you can go and how you can get there safely and responsibly. There has always been a huge value to working with a travel advisor, and my hope is that now more than ever you see that your time is precious and having someone on your side to help you navigate all this brings so much value to how you travel.

How to plan travel for 2021

So how do we go about planning for future travels during this time?

Covid Restrictions

First, we look at the Covid restrictions of the destination(s) you are interested in. That means both country restrictions- are borders open? Flights running? etc. And state restrictions- what activites are open, whats closed? What can you really do when you get there?


Of the countries and states that are open, what are the testing requirements? Most of you may have heard that the US is now requiring all passengers arriving from an international destination to show proof of a negative covid test taken no more than 72 hours before boarding (CDC). Each country has their own testing requirements as well.

Most are asking for some sort of health form as well as a negative test taken anywhere from 7 days to 72 hours before you arrive. Its a travel advisors job to know what those testing requirements are and to stay informed as things change frequently. We can also help you figure out where to get tested and what forms you will need to enter the country or state.


Hopefully we have all become accustomed to wearing a mask, it is now required on all forms of transportation. Airlines are being extremely strict on this in order to keep everyone as safe as possible. Before traveling you need to ask yourself how comfortable you are wearing a mask for a long period of time, as well as in all public places like hotels, trains, museums and other activities.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is something I have always encouraged my clients to purchase, not only because it protects the investment you have made in travel, but also because it helps protect you in case you have some sort of medical emergency. You never know what could happen and with things changing all the time having travel insurance is more important than ever.

Planning for the future

So how do we plan for those future trips and still be flexible realizing no one knows when this pandemic will be over with?

Starting today, The Constant Wayfarer is offering a special “Plan Now, Travel Later” discount for all planning fees. Schedule a consult with me between now and April 1 and receive 10% off my planning fee for your next trip.

But how does that work? 

We meet to go over your wants and needs – the destinations, activities, hotels etc. that you are dreaming of visiting. After our consult, I put together an itinerary like I usually would, but with no dates. We talk through a budget range (since pricing and availability are subject to change based on time of year). 
When you are ready to pull the trigger and get a date on the calendar we are already one step ahead of the game. All we have to do is price everything out based on your dates and start booking. 
I am positive that once travel restrictions lift and borders start opening it will be busier then it has ever been. Getting the initial phase of planning done, gives you a heads start so I can make those travel dreams come true.
Ready to get started? Fill out my Plan Your Trip form and let’s start curating the trip of your dreams.


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